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Don't know exactly why, but I was following @MartinShovel on Twitter. According to his profile he is a
Speechwriter, blogger on language and communication, cartoonist, animator, enemy of pseudoscience and humbug of all flavours!
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When he tweeted a link to an article about Genetic Modification I tweeted I didn't trust the source and wasn't going to read it. I even tweeted a link to an article about his tainted source, GMWatch.

I told him later I would read his article and asked him to read mine. He quite obviously never did and came back defending GMWatch tooth and nail. I asked him why he, as an "enemy of pseudoscience and humbug of all flavours!" would defend a fiercely antiscientific cult, to which he didn't have an answer. After some more tweets I let him know that I would stop following him.

Later he tweeted a link to another article about GM. I said:
Realising I was wrong, I said:
After a couple of more tweets he has now blocked me, which is fine by me, because I didn't ask him to piss off for nothing, after all.
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I did however have a look at his bio. It says:
Martin is a writer, cartoonist, speech writer and workshop leader with a deep interest in the relationship between visual imagery and inspiring and persuasive language. After a degree in philosophy, he went on to become an English language teacher, textbook writer and professional cartoonist. He has published books on language and is an occasional contributor to the Guardian’s Mind Your Language blog and the Macmillan Dictionary blog.
This explains a lot: the degree in philosophy explains the antiscientific tendencies, the fact that he couldn't find a job in philosophy accounts for a lot of frustration and he of course was an English language teacher because that's what people who can't find a proper job do. I suspect he was one of the ones pupils never suspected of a sense of humour. I'm not entirely sure, but I seem to remember that the Guardian is the newspaper for self-overestimating left wing pseudo-intellectuals. If it is, I bet Martin Shovel is a vegetarian and maybe even a vegan. If it isn't, the bet still stands.

And now on to new adventures.
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