Big snake loose in Maine or is Wessie a hoax?

So, I reiterate the point that cryptozoologists are not the right people to be investigating but should be watching this story evolve. There will be points to take away regarding public reaction, media coverage and the spread of ideas through the community. Snake experts should be looking at the evidence, but instead, speculation is the norm. There is much to remain doubtful about. Even though the average person might be convinced by the stories and the skin, the case is not clear cut. We’ll have to wait for more evidence to make an informed conclusion. But, I predict that local people might start reporting every small snake or floating log as Wessie. They are primed to see a big snake and that’s what they will insist they see. Once the idea is out there, it’s impossible to squash. We can guarantee that Wessie, as a local legend, will remain around for a good while.

Source: ‘Big snake loose in Maine or is Wessie a hoax?

31-08-2016 10.11 | Door: De Grote Vrager | Categorie: Beesten in het nieuws, Losse skakels

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